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Advice on Drift aligning with/witout Eqmod

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Need to start thinking about improving my alignment and hence an improvement in my planetary imaging.

Just had a butchers at Andy's Shot glass vid and all seems straight fwd, but heres the dumb question:-

Q) How do you turn off tracking temporarily, either with the synta V2 h/set or Eqmod ??

Since I've never had need to try I've not got a clue. I can't seem to see anything in the EQmod dialogue box but....

Or else can anyone else provide insights into a "Dummies Guide" via another method ??

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Without firing it up... IIRC in Eqmod theres an area with stop, star , sun and moon icons that selects tracking rate...

Of course there is DOH ! What a DONKEY !! hits head on wall !

Cheers Peter :)

et Steve :blob10:

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Bear i mind also that the latest sharpcap software has a rotatable and moveable reticule, I'm proud to say that addition was my suggestion and it's VERY cool! Makes it DEAD easy to align to ra & dec without having to twist camera in focuser

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Last night I polar aligned the EQ6 with the EQMOD Polaris angle tool. I then took two 5-second shots (300mm lens) of the Polaris area at different RA positions and plugged the pixel coordinates of known stars (Polaris and Lambda UMi) in my spreadsheet. It reported that I had a 3 arcminute Polar Alignment error. I didn't bother trying to improve it as I was worried about clouds moving in and I wanted to do some test shots of the modded DSLR. It's good to have a number for your PA error. You can then plug it into

Drift Rate Calculator

to get the induced drift in your subs. For 3-arcminute PA error, 8 minute subs and imaging at Dec 44 degress, I get induced drift of 66 arcseconds or 18 pixels.

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