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Mega Urined Off!!!!!!!!!!!


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Just been outside, happily observing clusters and the moon, when some lads down the road were letting off fireworks (yes at this time on night)

Anyway carried on, when I heard a faint 'watch this' just as I looked up I could see a lit firework in there hands and pointing it my way.

Damn thing came towards me, I ducked, it hit the side of the tube of the scope, ricocheted into the air and exploded about 20 feet above my head, my ears are still blumming ringing.

I chased the little sods down the road, but they jumped over a fence.

Telescope is fine that goodness, but I'm seriously ticked off.

Pointless telling the police, as they do sod all anyway.

Oh I wish I had a garden.

A little good news, I will post some pics shortly.


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There was a time when fireworks were set off just a few nights around nov 5. Now its a firkin season,

including halloween and then extending into new year. Why can't kids spend their money on more educational

products like cannabis and alcohol.

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Only time of the year when you can legally but explosives...

Used to be the day before and the day after November 5th......But as tenby says......

Bit like Christmas really...Starts in August! Ends in February!!

Then there's Easter.......

I'll go back outside to my scope then!

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Sorry to hear this Kain, thankfully you weren't hurt though mate...

I brought some fireworks today (going on holiday on Friday, going to set them off on the beach on Sunday) and as I was coming out of the shop I said to Karen that its unbelievable that I've legally just walked into a shop and brought a few pounds of explosives... crazy really because god forbid if somebody set one off on a train or some such like...

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Just noticed I have got a few small burn marks on the back of my hands, and I have got a few scorch marks on my fleece, must have been when the sparkley bits came down.

Didn't feel it on my hands, but I was cold at the time.

I would lobe to shove it up there blumming arses and let it off.

I'm off to bed now before I get too wound up to sleep.

Night all.


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There was a report on the news today that teenagers in the UK are the worst behaved in Europe. I don't know how they drew that conclusion.....

It also said in the news that teenagers are treating ASBOs as some sort of trophy. I therefore suggest scrapping the ASBO and replacing it with the AGGRO - an acronym based on the words Attacking the Groin Grievously to Rehabilitate Offenders, whereby victims of crime are allowed to kick their attackers in an area similar to the one described by the acronym. Please form an orderly queue.

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