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cls ccd filter

Stephen Greenfield

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Hi ,

having just modded my 1000d and removed the filter , and eventually getting it to work again (dam those ribbons :-) )

should I now invest in the Astronomik CLS CCD filter? I had bought a Hoya Red intensifier filter for widefield work for the lens and have a light pollution filter for the telescope eyepieces , will i notice a big difference if I invest in the astronomik? Does it affect the camera for anything else apart from the Ef-s lens ? The cheapest I could find in the uk was £108 , anyone know of cheaper ?


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Hi Stephen

I've got a modded 1000d and a CLS CCD filter and I'm very pleased with it.

The combination gives a slightly blueish tinge (easily corrected with curves in Photoshop) but dramatically cuts down light pollution.


Hope this helps


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The CCD version has an inbuilt IR filter, it is the one I use on my modded 1000D as I did not replace the canon IR filter only removed it.

For some reason I tend not to get the colour caste, whether this is due to the fact I use a fair few flats when stacking I don't know, I use sky flats BTW.

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Astronomiser - Automated Astronomy and AstroImaging Solutions

explains why you may not need extra IR blocking if you use one of the mentioned Canon cameras.

A very interesting point, well it just so happens that I also have the plain CLS filter as well, given some clear skies I will try and do a back to back test to see if there is any difference.

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