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Setting up NEQ6?

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This seems to be the most complicated mount to set up.

I made a big mistake in putting everything together before setting up! I have now taken everything of the mount and removed the az screw so that I can get the mount horizontal and look down the polar scope.

In the manual there is the first bit about aligning the polar scope.

None of this seems to make any sense. I had to remove the rear az screw to get the mount with the dovetail down below 90 from the verticle to set the reticule.

With the polaris at 6 o clock as specified the mount is about 100 degrees from normal verticle! That cant be right?

Anyone managed to make sense of this?

(beginning to regret moving my Meade fork mount out of the observatory. That was simple)

I also notice that the polar scope can only be used when the scope is at 90degrees to polaris position??? That cant be right either?? Due to the alignment of the hole in the shaft.


John M

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Definitely read Astro Baby's guide - its very good and explains everything step by step.

Any further issues then let us know. I have the NEQ6 mount and once you get the hang of it, its a doddle to use and a very good mount.

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