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Ethos 17

Chris H

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The weather here last week was pretty good with clear nights but Friday was really good and quite mild too. I decided to head out into the garden but I was traveling light I only took one eyepiece the Ethos 17mm.

I've had this ep for a few months but due to the lack of complete darkness in early summer and poor weather through August I have not really had a chance to put it through it's paces. This is not the first time I've used this ep but it was the first time that I had really paid attention to what it could do and how the view through it looked. The sky background was really nice and dark against which the stars were as near to pin point sharp as my dob seems capable but the main thing with this ep is that at x70 magnification I get a 1.4 degree TFOV and when combined with the 100 degree FOV it certainly delivers the 'wow' factor. To say it is incredibly immersive is almost an understatement.

I was looking around the constellation of Cygnus and thought I would have a look for the Veil nebula, after a bit of searching I found it. With the addition of the UHC filter it looked good with the Witches broom, Pickerings wisp and bridal veil all visible. Without the filter and now knowing where to look I tried again I wasn't sure what too expect. I found it and the clarity of the view this ep delivered was excellent I could still quite clearly see the witches broom and the bridal veil infact it was larger than through the UHC filter (maybe I need a better filter).

As the night progressed I was more and more impressed with the performance of this ep the Dumbbell nebula, the ring nebula, M31, M33, Double cluster and finally Jupiter all wonderful, I was seeing them in a new light and a very nice light it was too.

Because it was mild I started to use my coat as an observing hood and found that in the pitch darkness it created I could keep both eyes open which was very comfortable and seemed to make the views even more immersive no scope, no eyepiece just me in space looking at the sights of the Milky Way.

When I turned my attention to Jupiter yes it was small but the view was razor sharp and I could clearly see banding on the planets surface. Set against a large black disc of space it seemed a better sight than at x150 or higher, if only Galileo had had an Ethos I feel very lucky.

Recently I have questioned my wisdom in buying this ep and wondered whether I should have gone for the 21 but on this night I changed my mind it is a great ep and was certainly worth the money.

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Nice review Chris :)

Sounds like the E17 is another cracking eyepiece !

I do agree though that you do (and probably should :blob10:) think very carefully when investing this much in an eyepiece - but the Ethos range really do seem to deliver something special :hello2:

You might find an OIII filter even more beneficial on the Veil and others with your 10" scope.

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Thanks, an OIII filter is something I am looking to get but will have to wait a while, currently trying to get my house house renovation finished asap. The Ethos was nothing compared to what I'm currently spending on builders.

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ha ha

this is my view Chris - I drive a rubbish car, my wife's car, hair and nails (not to mention shoes and (not) more watches??!!) in a month is about the cost of a used Ethos so if I buy one every now and again from my spends (yes, I get spends!) then I don't fret.

sounds like a fabulous eyepiece. I am determined to stick with my 24mm Pan and 35mm Pan for the lower end and concentrate on another at the high mag end. if anything I suppose the 24mm Pan is most 'threatened' by the 17E.

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