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First Lunar Pix - 25-27/08/10

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Just a few piccys taken of the moon between 25-27th August 2010. These are my first photos through a telescope, and were taken using a Sony Cybershot and a steady hand holding it above the eyepiece of my Celestron 127 Nexstar.

Looking at buying a Lifestyle HD webcam and modding it for astro use, it appears to be the best priced webcam for astro use at just £35.





I know wrong room, but might as well upload an attempt at Jupiter as well...


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They are excellent first attempts, well done. A little over exposed if I might make some constructive criticism, but very good none the less.

Before you go down the webcam route, send a PM to Tophouse. He's selling some Philips SPC900's off for just under £32! (you need 50+ posts to see his ad on the For Sale section).

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Hi, thx for reply, yea need lots of practice, dont know much about photography (hence the easy to use compact camera lol). I would like to start getting into lunar/planet imaging and after a while, move onto Deep Space Imaging, although i've been confused so far as to if the best route is DSLR or CCD imaging.

I'll PM Tophouse about the philips, I read that they are the best webcam for the money, but seem to have been discontinued and hard to get hold of.

cheers for feedback :blob10:

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I am new to imaging myself and recently got my very first image by using a Phillips SPC900 and my 127 Mak. I am well chuffed with the result and am going to get hooked. I picked on Jupiter because it was 'there' and no moon at the time. You have taken some cracking lunar shots considering how you took them. Definitely try and get your hands on the webcam and stay with it. Unfortunately I am going to have to steer clear of deep sky because I have no kidneys left to sell. (Wonder how much I could get for my liver?)

Well done!

Regards Tony

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