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Here's my Jupiter drawing

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I posted this the other day but it didn't scan too well so I messed about with the light curves in gimp to make it a bit clearer. Jupiter wasn't like it

all the time as you will know and not only that but I think the old brain drew some of it in on its own or so it seemed, averted vision was no use. Not sure about these Maks. Mine is hard to focus and I'm not fully happy with the sharpness of focus. Jupiter was a little soft at x214 for my liking.


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Nicely done, Jim. :blob10: The Mak/ortho combination should do very well, both are known for their sharpness and good contrast. I'm guessing the seeing wasn't too good. When that happens, all you can do is power down and look a bit harder.

Regarding the focus, try cutting a hole in a plastic jar lid and fitting the lid over the focus knob. The larger jar lid will be more sensitive to movement and provide you with 'feathertouch' adjusting. It's like the difference between regular and power steering. :)

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Nice drawing.

Jupiter is difficult. Last time in the Provence while still low i did not go much higher then 200X in my 18". Had a fair view though ...

A missing belt was really was struck me...no big news anymore but after years of seeing two big belts in different scopes this view was a bit strange....

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