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Levelling Thing?

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I've been asked by someone if I can get levellers made, I do have a good contact for that kind of thing but I'm not sure I understand what he wants, does anyone know what I'm talking about if I say:-

it's for people using fork mounts and it's like an eyepiece fitting with a levelling bubble in it.

ie you don't look through it, (I don't think) but it's 1.25 i assume, but has a bubble on the top.

Does anyone have a clue what I'm on about?

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Two devices come to mind. Both based on circular spirit levels. One, as Cootuk says, is but into a 1.25" ep housing. The other is the simple level stuck onto a tripod. For example for levelling an EQ mount. The levels themselves are cheap enough (<£2) to buy from on line tool retailers or ebay.

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The impression I got from description so far isn't a tripod leveller like the ambubble thing, from the brief description I got, and my interpetation, is something about when setting up a fork mount, at some point you need to set the OTA dead level for something?

I know it's vague but does anyone know?

My knowledge of fork mounts could be written on a postage stamp, the front bit, in any white bits available.

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