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Ganymede Transit


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Hi all,

Just attaching a very quick basic process of the stunning transit of Ganymede. Absolutely fascinating to watch the moon`s shadow followed by the tiny globe crossing Jupiter. This is the first transit I have witnessed and I was hooked. The view through the eyepiece was wonderful with numerous bands and fine structure easily visible on Jupiter`s disc. I tried to capture as best I could with the Toucam. Thanks for looking!

Best regards,



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Many thanks, Ant, for your kind comment. Yes, the little toucam has served me well for many years and I am amazed also as to what can be extracted from it. Image is just a result of registax processing - nothing further has been done. Was very pleased to have captured Ganymede`s disc also. Transit was so fascinating I felt the need to try and capture it!:blob10:

Best Regards,


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