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Cleaning front lens

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Packing my 127mm Mak away last night i noticed the front lens looked very dirty. I suspect its dried condensation etc. Whats the safest way to clean this lens, I am paranoid about damaging something!!.:o

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It's worth investing in the Baader micro-fibre cloth to go with it - the 2 work together beautifully.

Phew, mine arrived yesterday, after a dewy night I too have marks on the lenses where the dirt/dust left marks once the dew had dried off. I was a bit worried about what to do, but SGL to the rescue and then up pops this thread. I think I will give it a good blast with a hair dryer first to make sure no dust/particles are lurking then have a bash with the micro cloth and optical wonder fluid.

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To be honest I have found that good quality camera cleaning products are by far the best. The main reason is that you want to remove the muck without damaging the delicate optical coatings on the lens surfaces.

Micro fibre optical cloths (Pentax do fantastic ones) are great for a fine clean, you may find not ideal for heavy deposits. I tend to use them for the final polish.

A very good product you may find useful is the 'Lenspen' (see LENSPEN is The superior Camera lens cleaning system for all fine optics, rifle scopes, camcorder and camera viewer screens, binoculars) which is a truly indispensable part of my camera bag, and now one accompanies my scope everywhere as well.

Don't neglect the benefits of a bulb blower and lens brush for the first sweep of the lens surface to get rid of the bigger particles that might scratch if you rub them into the lens surface with a brisk polish from a lenscloth.

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If you're just cleaning the outside of the lens it's not that difficult. Take your time. Clean radially - from the inside out - NOT in circular motions. Don't rub and don't worry about faint streaks that appear when you've wiped the lens - it's normal.

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