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ED BST Explorer 5mm,8mm,18mm and TMB clone 3.2mm


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Just had some new eyepieces arrive from Alan at Sky's The Limit (amazing service by the way, anyone looking for EPs should check him out).

The ED BST Explorer eyepieces look great and feel really solid. I like the rubber coating on them, they feel a lot more durable and hopefully will be less cold to handle in winter.

The TMB clone looks good as well, although not as attractive as the EDs.

I'll hopefully have a go on these as soon as the first clear night presents itself and I'll put up a review of their performance. Can't wait to try them!

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has she not heard, eyepieces reproduce like aphids and they must have bred in the box. the other things must have been waste products of some kind?

:blob10: Nice one! I always say eyepieces are social animals, and pine (for the fjords) if they are alone.

Don't think the missus falls for it though:rolleyes:

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Got a brief chance to try these out the other night and the ED eyepieces are superb. Considering how **** the weather was: humid, cloudy and lots of water haze up there, they still outperformed the stock SW ones I got with my scope.

The extra field of view was great to use, comfortable to look through and no issues with kidney beaning. Looked a lot sharper than my previous uses of the scope. Hopefully I get a clear and steady night to push them more and try the TMB clone.

Well worth the purchase,will be buying more from Alan at sky's the limit.

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great stuff - told you so :eek:

you have a decent spread now for your scope so although it's your call, I'd hang fire for a while before buying more and see what your observing experience tells you that you need.

if you don't have a Telrad or Riger finder and a right angled finder, I'd tend to spend my money on those if I were you as these will enhance your finding ability no end.

good luck with the new gear!

and re the conditions - what do you expect?? - new gear always = poor conditions :D

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The Explorer eye relief is really good, I found them very comfortable to use.

Don't worry, I firstly can't afford any new ones for a while, and secondly my girlfriend would remove vital parts of me if I did!

I'll use these and get myself more experienced with the scope and once I am settled and certain of my likes, dislikes and future needs I will consider what next to buy.

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