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Colour in Andromeda??


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Gave my new 40mm EP it's first light tonight. Had a look at a couple of globulars, an open cluster or two, and then turned my attention to M31, Well, it was a stunning sight. Bright as a button and filling the FOV with the disk. Oddly though, there appeared to be quite a definite bluish tint. When I've looked at M31 in the past, the only suggestion of colour has been a very faint, dirty greenishness to the smudge. Any ideas why a blue tint has suddenly turned up? Or am I just smelling things?

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Would there be a 'minimum' requirement with regards to equipment, before you are able to see dust lanes, colours other than green etc?

I would think for a lot more detail in DSO's you'd be looking at something like a 20" Dobsonian and for colours just something massive absolutely massive.

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Seeing the dust lane depends mostly on how dark your site is. I have seen the dust lane from a very dark site in France, with nothing more than a pair of 15x70 binos. The larger FOV help in spotting it. I have not been aware of colour in M31, but the core should be slightly redder than the outer regions, due to reduced star formation in the core as compared to the spiral arms. The observed difference could indeed be due to coatings.

The fact that the rods in the eye are most sensitive to the green/yellow part of the spectrum does not mean you would see that colour first. The cones need to fire up first.

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