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Very first image


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Nice image mate for a first go.

The only obvious advice i can give you here is to

try and get your focus a little better next time cos in this case the image is a little soft.

Take all the time you need to get the best focus you can the rest WILL follow

soon enough.

When i get home after my work i will have a go at sharpening it up for ya.

Still i must say its not such a bad way to start your imaging (far better than my first images)

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I think I had the focus better is only softened up when I tried stacking them. I think I need to play about wiht Registax a bit more.

Check the AVI file by playing it normally as a movie file. If it looks like the whole thing is wobbling about you have a problem similar to mine. Either the 'scope hasn't cooled (mine never gets warm) or you are looking through turbulent air (poor seeing). My problem is caused (I think) by looking over the motorway. If the moon is higher in the sky this effect goes away, but for the last few months the moon doesn't seem to want to get up where it should be. The wobbling boiling image doesn't stay the same shape from frame to frame so no matter where you tell Registax to line up, everywhere else goes all blurry.

Hope that makes sense.

Captain Chaos

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Craig it is so simple mate. (when you know how that is)

Just open the image up in Registax

Go to wavelet settings.

Adjust No2 to about 9.5

Adjust No3 to about 8

I just saved the image at that stage.

I would advise you to play about with the wavelet settings for each image mate cos the

conditions in which the image was taken will dictate the wavelet settings.

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If the AVI is wobbly, won't that mess it all up? I've binned so many AVIs that are wobbly as stacking things that clearly don't line up seems pointless. Maybe if somebody did a dewobbler program that would take twenty or thirty points on a frame for registering and stretch each frame to fit, then life would be sweet. As it is, I'll wait until the moon is higher up and stops wobbling.

Captain Chaos

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