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IR filter for spc900nc


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Well, I'm going to start what is sure to be a flood of spc900nc related threads, courtesy of TopHouse :o

When imaging planets prime focus with a modified spc900 webcam with my 200p reflector, how important would an IR/UV filter be?

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i`ve had the cheaper uv/ir filters in the past around the £20 mark, but bought a better, supposed to be anyway, badder one which cost twice the price and to be honest the filter looked better but i didn`t see much if any improvement with the images, i found the skies where different every night, sometimes clearer than others makes more of a differance when imaging, i went out imaging Jupiter a few nights ago and had some great images, then went out 2 nights ago and had one of the worst images i`ve ever had even after cleaning it up

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