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Hey all

I just acquired some red, green, blue and ir block filters.

I have only done mono imaging before so need some pointers.

I understand the taking of r g and b images, but for the lumi. Images do I just have no filter?

I have an LP filter also.

So.. When I do red green and blue do I need to use the LP filter still ?

Do I use the ir block filter on it's own or with each of the colours, and if so what about the LP filter?

Not sure my question is clear as it's been a hard day at work! But I hope you all can understand what i am asking.


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Where you're doing RGB sessions, you'll still need the LP filter to block out the er, LP. The IR filter is primarily used on refractors to keep star bloating down to a minimum, you don't need to use them on a reflector or SCT (I think).

I normally set mine up with the IR cut and LP filter either in the nosepiece of the filter wheel or camera and the RGB filters in the wheel.



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