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A Nice Problem To Have

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Hi all

If you read my review of the 17mm Type 4 Nagler you will have read that I consider the 17mm and the 13mm as being similar, and this leaves me with somewhat of a quandry. My original plan was to add the 9mm Nagler to my 7mm, 13mm and 17mm Naglers, but now I'm not so sure.

With the 13mm and 17mm being so similar I am wondering if I need both?

I am starting to think in a different direction and I came up with a couple of options that I would like your opinion on.

First: Sell the 13mm and purchase an 11mm. This will give me the following range of magnifications in my 12" dob:

27mm Panoptic x56

17mm Nagler x88

11mm Nagler x136

7mm Nagler x214.

Second: Sell the 13mm and purchase a 12mm and 9mm and that will give the following:

27mm Panoptic x56

17mm Nagler x88

12mm Nagler x125

9mm Nagler x167

7mm Nagler x214.

What do you think?

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Hi Paul, like you say, it's a nice problem ! Tough call this one, either option

is great, but for me, option one does leave a jump from 136x to 214x, and I'd

prefer something in that gap that option two gives -167x - great for planets

or globulars that look good at powers like that, & both have 214x when you

need, plus the same lower powers. Wish I had your dilemma !!

HTH, Ed.

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Hi Paul, I would agree with Ed above, option 1 leaves quite a gap from 136x to 214x, which is in the very useful range - there will be times when you need more than 136x mag but not as much as 214x, especially when seeing is only so so.

I remember reading somewhere that steps of about 50x are the most useful between EP's.

Would option 1 with a barlow be viable which would give 172x with the 17mm?



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