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processing step Question

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Hi all,

I just thought to ask, when your all ready to start stacking images, has anyone got advice whether to process the individual images before stacking and then do it again after. Or do you just stack then Play??

Does it make a difference?

I tried individual then stack and it seemed to make the contrast to high in the end result so there wasnt the room to tweak at the end.


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The processing done before stacking is called "calibration". This is where you apply your flat and dark frames. You then stack calibrated frames and post-process to bring out detail, eliminate sky gradients, colour balance, reduce noise etc.

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to be a bit pedantic there is pre- and post- processing.

Pre-processing is sub frame calibration, hot pixel filtering, clone repairs, align and combine all subs and save as a 16 bit TIFF.

Post-processing is all Photoshop; Levels, Curves, then, before you stretch too much an almost endless menu of fiddling to make it a real pretty picture.


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