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Bringing it all together in one box...


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I decide that it was time to sort out all the bits and pieces that get used with the Guided Dual DSLR setup and put the equivalent circuits all in one box to make wiring easier...




What we have is a die-cast box that has a single 13.8V input lead...

And provides

DC power supplies for two Canon DSLR Cameras... (adjustable via a preset between 7.4-8.0v) presently set to 7.6V but may be raised a bit to give a bar battery level in cold weather

A 7.5V DC supply for the Synguider - They don't like it up them....

3 channels of Dew Heater Supplies that can be independently run at 6 different power levels

Pass through of the 13.8V DC for the mount or any other accessories added later...

Each sub circuit can be switched on or off independently...

The die-cast box is used to heatsink all the power devices in the circuits so is kept a few degrees above ambient - should keep the dew of it...

Now the bit I hate - labelling.. especially when the cassettes just run out in the p-touch printer... :o


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Sorry cant show you the insides.. There's not a lot to see apart from 6 pcbs a couple of switches, some vero board hacks... and a load of wiring...

The Pcbs are used in a couple of products we make... They are only linear regulator boards but use an ultra low drop out variable regulator which can be trimmed on board.

Such is the way of the world these days that when we get panels of 24 of the pcb's in they just label the ones that have failed test and dont bother reworking them...so I was able to raid the reject box and sort them out for my own use as they were destined for the bin...

I only build the stuff for my own use really - especially when its things like camera power supplies...


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