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The plough is at the front of our house.

where there are street lights, light pollution.

but you can see it clear enough, now what I Want to know is

if I Set up the scope that direction is they anything else around the plough worth looking at?

only we are consentrating on the back at the moment as its very dark, the moon comes up there and jupiter from behind the trees.

and which and where are the 2 brightest stars?

they all look the same to me.

so I Don't know where to point the goto to to set it up :o


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The most notable DSO's in Ursa major (the plough) are M81/M82/M51 im sure there are more but those are the few that i know anyway.

As for 2 bright stars, you could try Vega in Lyra (WEST) which is unmissable but very high up at the moment, almost Zenith, and maybe Deneb (the tail of Cygnus WEST) or Capella in Auriga to the NE (a little low about 10pm though) Altair in Aquilla (SOUTH) Arcturus in Boots (WEST) again quite low though.

There are a few, i could have the directions wrong, hoping i dont though lol

All the best


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I'm not sure you'll find it easy to find those targets with the streetlights. The Dob maybe. As for the goto, Looking at your Sig, I'd guess it's the NexStar SLT mount... why not just use the SkyAlign option (I have it on my NexStar 60 SLT), that way you don't need to know the star names.

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Thanks guys for your fast response

Thanks John

we did point the goto to one of the stars it said on the booklet but it couldn't find it,

unless we pointed it in the oppersite direction.(knowing us that will be it.lol)

will give it another try fri/sat night weather permitting.

having just got it,I Found it hard trying to set it up in the dark.

and by the time you had set the red dot finder on the moon.

put the hand control back in the holder,put the E.P in, it had gone out of the view

so had to do it all again.after 5 attempts I packed it away.

I only got it as a finder scope,to help us find things easier

so we can point the Dob at.

I dont think I Like goto's.

yes Milan Cassiopia the W is on the back ;o)

just above the roof tops and its very easy to see.

it is sort of in line with the plough, we can see the plough between the 2 houses

but the W is a little more towards the back over the rooftops in plain view ;o)

Eddie:so really it is worth setting up and having a evening looking at the plough.;o)

I think we are going to have to just sit with the bino's and try and study

the stars and try and remember the names of them.and where they are.

Not a hope of us finding the H.Head then have we lol

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Can you run through the setup routine your using with your NexStar, that sounds rather odd... As for the moon, you need to change the tracking rate to Lunar, instead of Sidereal (the moon moves faster than the rest of the sky).

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Thanks John we set it up again before it goes on a certain selling site.lol

when we set it to one of the stars it suggested in the book it didn't find it.

so I Just used the arrows to take me to the moon

as it wouldn't track it as it wasant logged in.

will follow the booklet step by step this weekend see what happens.

I Have also noticed a mistake in the booklet.

so if they cant get it right what hope have we........

will let you know how I got on weather permitting of course.

Thanks All ;o)

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make sure the mount is level. Ensure you enter the date correctly (US format), and the time with the correct setting for Daylight Savings. Then use SkyAlign... You just align on 3 bright stars, doesn't matter which, and can include planets. I see why it wasn't tracking. If you want to do something like that, perform a Solar System align on the moon itself, set tracking to Lunar and you'll be fine.

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