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Having probs with the camera


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Hi Guys.

just to let you know i,m having problems with my Atik ccd , i,m getting alot of Amp glow in my images , been getting worse over the past few weeks , i have been reducing the frame size to eliminate it , been now its so bad i will prob have to pack it it in for a while , there may be a way of correcting this .i,m in touch with Andy Ellis who knows a bit about them , but in the very near future i,m purchasing the Starlight Xpress SVX H9, This type of imaging will be new to me , i have booked a course with Nik Syzmanik and Ian King for November the 12th,so the imaging may slow for a while whilst i take on a whole new learning curve, however i can still hopefully do some imaging on Mars , see if i can get some decent images of that over the next few weeks ,



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Hi Rog,

Sorry to hear about your Atik camera. Mine went belly up too. Ended up sending it backwards and forwards to Rui at Perseu. After 6 months off getting nowhere and I gave up. Went and bought the 300D.

The SVX H9 should be a stunning camera, in a different league to the 2HS. Can't wait to see what you get from that.


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It will give us all a chance to look up some new adjectives / superlatives for when you start imaging again, Rog :)

Best of luck with both the course and the new camera!

*Really* looking forward to the fruits of your new skills :)


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