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ISS through the dob

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Thanks for the kind comments all.

Altair.. I do it by hand moving my dobsonian with webcam attached all the time using the finderscope to get the ISS on the crosshairs. Then extract any frames from the movie with the ISS in it. Out of a 4 minute movie @ 10fps I only got a handful of frames with the thing in it... gives you an idea.

Also see my Primer on a sticky in this section of SGL ;-)

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It was taken with a 2x barlow. I must admit the whole process is quite difficult but like all things, you get a routine that works. Lots of preparation invovled, especially with getting the focus right with the toucam (I learned to use polaris as its the one star that wont drift out of the FOV before you can focus properly).

There are people that use an EQ mount for this but I cant as this would mean my finderscope is way to high to look through and move scope at the same time. I use the 'both eyes open' method and follow the ISS in the sky and get it to the cross hairs as best I can.

I've also heard there are whizzo techies that use EQMod and get the mount to actually track the ISS somehow! Now that WOULD be cool


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