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The Night The Moon Behaved


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I went out tonight for a play again, now for some very strange reason that is beyond me, but that maybe some of the longer term guys can explain, on going out, conditions appeared to be far from perfect, cassi was very dim, there were definitely less stars, and the moon had a fair amount of halo.

nontheless, I set up, let everything cool down, had a look at jupiter first, HOLY MOLY!! it was the best I've EVER seen it!!, set up the camera and the pic on screen was also the clearest and sharpest ever, did some imaging of it but it's too late to process now, maybe tomorrow, anyway, i went to the moon (not literally) and had a major WOW, because that also was the sharpest and clearest i ever saw it. I did a mosaic, which again i haven't processed yet, but i took a couple of close ups with Tal x3 and 4x imagemate, now those I just HAD to process before going to bed.

My processing skills still need work, but to me, for a simple toucam job, I'm REALLY pleased, however, please feel free to burst my bubble if they are lacking, taking a look, you'll be able to tell which one is x3 tal and which is x4, I think with better processing though they could be better but i think my little toucam has excelled here.



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Nice images Dion and you are absolutely spot on about the seeing over the last couple of nights, I've not seen it this good for a long time! This morning (1/9) the transparency was not ideal but the seeing was a bit special as was the previous night. Glad to see someone else has been able to take advantage, I don't know if the weather is settled or if it's going to change but perhaps it will continue for tonight too... fingers crossed!

What's your location? - I'm in West London.



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@Thingy These were taken with my 200P and a toucam webcam, I took about 1200 frames at 10 fps and registaxed. But to be honest, even the bare avi wasn't bad at all.

I was thinking of doing another one of these and putting in a tiny tiny flag and posting it on my facebook page announcing where armstrong was, guaranteed to get a few bites! In fact, watch this space :o

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