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Connecting EQ6 to PC via Synscan?

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You can get something like this (or make your own)

Cables, Leads and Controllers - HitecAstro EQDIR adapter

for EQMOD, but you don't need it if all you want is control from CDC - you just need a cable that goes to the handset (and also can be used to update the firmware). Astronomiser does one

Astronomiser - Automated Astronomy and AstroImaging Solutions

you can then connect with the ASCOM driver

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You can connect direct to the handset and use the "Celestron" ASCOM mount driver to control it.

If you want to use EQMOD mount driver, you can go from the PC to the Handset to the mount enable PC Direct mode on the handset.

Or you can use an EQDIR module to replace the handset completely, and use a laptop for all mount commands.

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I use both methods (obviously not at the same time):

The PCDirect via the handcontroller


EQDIR module direct to the mounting

Both work very well on my NEQ6pro with CdC etc


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I originally had a rajiva modded and ordered a serial to USB lead to enable me to connect it to the pc, is this what I would use to convert the serial to rj11 lead for use with the pc or would i need to make another lead?

Just to note, I have no serial inputs on any of my pc's/lappys.

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Yes, You can safely use the Eqmod directly through the handcontroller. Earlier Synscan versions pre V3.25 had some issues, but I have not experienced any problems using V3.27.

I use a Keyspan USB> serial adaptor for all my gear - talks 100% to LX200, HEQ5/ NEQ6, CdC, TheSky, AstroPlannner etc etc

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Sorry for all the questions, there are just soooo many options and I really have no idea which would benefit me the most.

I've heard plenty of talk of EQmod being used alongside Carte Du Ciel and other programs, but is this the best option via my handset, baring in mind im a noobie :o

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You don't have to use EQMOD.

You can use the Synscan upgrade cable which you should have with the mount and conect via a USB adaptor to your PC.

Carte du Ciel V3 can control your mount by selecting the Celeston 5 as the telescope and off you go.....

The EQMOD option does allow the mount to be used without the handcontroller and it gives some advanced features which are handy.

Try it...

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