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Appenines 30/10/2006


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Wood glue drying on the 12" dob so decided to go out and enjoy the moon.

Tried for the beautiful shadows cast by the Appenine mountains but boiling

and high cloud stopped me from getting good focus.

Still, got a picture and enjoyed the hour at the scope :)

This one using 130mm F5 reflector: Toucam SC1.5 prime focus 2* barlow: 60 frames Registax


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Thanks guys :) (and gal)

That 130 f5 reflector is doing you proud Phil

Theres a story to that Steve..

When I first got it I enjoyed using it but wasn't completely happy with the results.

One day, I decided to take it to bits to check if the clips were pinching the mirror and no they weren't.

Whilst the mirror was out I decided to check the centre spot marker and low and behold it was a good 4mm

off to one side of centre.

Fixed that, collimated it to death and I've been very happy with it ever since 8) :)

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