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Hi all, :mad:

I Bought a Canon 300D that already had the IR Filter removed.

I have been advised to get a IR/UV Block filter to reduce star bloat when using with my ED80 Refractor.

As this will be just used for astrophotography im not too bothered about using the Astronomik clip range.

So i think that leaves me with the Baader UV/IR Cut 2" Filter. However this does not have light poloution reduction. Which would be much better to have.

On FLO i found the Baader Neodymium Filter which is for light poloution reduction, however i noticed a note on the discription saying that it now has UV/IR block as well.

So my question is..Which one do I get? It seems almost to good to be true that the Baader Neodymium will be two things in one, or as good as the UV/IR cut one with the bonus of the light poloution reduction AND all for £4 cheeper!?:eek:

I'm really confused here, can anyone help??;)

Here is the links to each of the filters:


Light Pollution Reduction

UV/IR Cut:

UV & IR Filters

Please help me spend my money! :D:p

Thanks in advance! :mad:

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Certainly looks like it, just wanted to be sure. Seems kind of daft that they have the UV/IR cut still at £62 when two in one is £58? hence i thought it to be to good to be true

Thanks for that Ken much appreciated! ;)


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Could be for different markets. The UV/IR to improve star images on a modded camera, which doesn't require the additional LPR filter ( ie dark skies, lunar and planetary imaging etc.) or a CCD camera where other narrow band filters are being used.

And the LPR/UV-IR where the conditions require it??

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hmm...could be right enough Ken. I was under the impresion that a light poloution filter only blocks the wave legnths that are imited by street lights etc, their by if you had one fited when there was no light poloution it wouldn't be blocking anything and not making any impact on what light is passed?

I might be totaly wrong here, what do you think?

p.s no word of your next visit to Orkney yet?



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If you have good conditions and say using a cooled CCD with RBG filters ( for composite colour) you wouldn't want to loose any light; the LPR part of the filter will still reduce the light in the "blocked" parts of the spectrum etc.

My wife is looking at dates for Orkney....maybe soon!


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