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Jupiter - 29th August 2010


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My first view of Jupiter for quite some time.

I went out at 21:30 UT and Jupiter was very low but I could see the GRS at the edge of the planet just about to disappear. Seeing was very poor as Jupiter was only 14'' high.

Waited another hour to do the drawing, some detail was starting to be seen but seeing was not good.

Takahashi FS-128 at x148

Seeing III, 22:45 UT

Altitude = 24'


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Nice one Dweller. That dark spot you recorded in the NEB is the same dark feature I attempted to record in my sketch. I had it just over the other side of the CM about 15-20 mins later than you.

It's good to be able to corroborate some of the features being out roughly the same time ;)

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...I'll just think of a suitable rate to charge you ;):mad:

In all seriousness, if you're ever over this way you're more than welcome to drop in and give the 16" a spin on a clear night

I have toyed with the idea about having some sort of open evening with the scope, but never quite had the motivation to do anything about it!

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