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What I'm Aiming For With Lunar


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This is a rough outline of what my personal aim is with regards lunar with my toucam.

Firstly I want to manage a flawless mosaic, then, making sure the camera is still at the same rotation, I want to get decent quality close ups of some various areas, with lines from mosaic to blow up. When I get something I'm happy with I intend to print it onto A3 (have a nice A3 printer) and put it on my wall. something like this (which isn't exactly right but gives an idea. This was done with vanilla toucam, and the second one taken with x4 imagemate. Camera rotation was incorrect for zoom as it was only a tryout, but it gives an idea, I think setting goals like this makes the hobby more interesting.


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This looks like an interesting project but mosaicing is difficult when you have the whole Moon in mind and having blowup Hi-Res areas would look great on a poster, perhaps you should think of a poster size bigger than A3.


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I don't think my wife would agree to something bigger than A3 on the living room wall John. :o

My printer does A3 photographic VERY well, so was thinking of one of those glass, frameless mounts when I achieve the standard of pics I'm happy with. It also seems like good practice for other targets etc because of the different focal lengths and focusing and multitude of gain settings etc, something of an excercise in learning.

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