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Hi everyone.

I am looking into buying a few filters to help me view the moon, planets, and whatever else a filter will help with.

Currently, i can only get the main stripe of Jupiter and a faint bit of colour, the rest is just a bright white. So i am hoping that i can get a filter to help show the stripes and the colour more?

Also, i would like one to help with viewing the moon. Currently it is a bit of a pain as when i look away it leaves an image of the moon imprinted on the eye :mad:. So anything to help with this would be great.

If possible, I would also like to view more planets when the time of year is right, such as Mars, Saturn, and whichever other planets i may be able to see with my telescope. So if there are different filters to help with each planet that i may be able to see, then i wouldn't mid investing.

Lastly. Are there any filters that can help with viewing DSOs? Is there a filter to help view nebulae for example?

Thanks for the help, and sorry for all of the questions ;)

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