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Fireball 29/10/2006

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The clouds have finally parted and I have been out for a brief observing session.

I had put the scope on M31 just to view before a started some DS observing.

I decided to see if I couls also see M31 naked eye as my neighbours had turn the floodlights off.

As I looked at Andormeda a bright meteor appeared North of the square of Peagasus ands passed into Andromeda and brunt out in Triangulum.

It wa a very strong yellow colour and very bright and rthe strangest thing was I heard it!! it sounded like a very weak firework.

Has anyone ever heard a meteor before?



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Has anyone ever heard a meteor before?

Hi Ian,

Yes a while i heard one and managed to image the resulting vapor trail/smoke.. Made a whoosh whistling noise, sounds like you had fun out there Ian cool! :) Ive heard there has been a few fireball sighting recently you did well to observe one.

James :)

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In a different topic I have just asked the same question "Has anybody else heard a Fireball ?" Glad I am not the only one :rolleyes: I have now heard 2 and this topic confirms to me that it is not my immagination, thankfully. They seem to fizz, as you have stated, just like a weak firework. To be honest it is the noise that alerted me to the first one I saw and I do not live in a very quiet area. Lets hope we all hear many more.



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