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I think the time is right.

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I'd love to see people's faces if you went to a birdwatching site with a pair of those round your neck :o

They look great. If I were you I'd try and find some used as I bet a lot of people buy the really big ones and cannot handle them?

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I have a set of 20X90 Strathspey bins which I LOVE.

I think the time is right to trade them in against a set of 25x100

I must check out FLO and see how much 25x100 bins cost.

I wonder if the difference will be that big or big enough.

I i were you and had the money i would consider a 28x110. But that's a real heavy beast and needs a very sturdy tripod...and has a small fov...like always with optics : considerations...

I guess it depends what you are after...

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Decided to hold out and try get a pair second hand. I'd imagine that the difference between them and the bins i have wont be vast.


No way Jose.........those would be a bit out of my comfort zone regarding transport,setting up. I'd also need a new tripod.

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