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Shipping from USA

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You'll probably find that the options are limited. The supplier may not have access to all the shipping firms.

If you're looking for Airmail then UPS International Insured is a reliable (but not cheap!) option.

Get ready for the VAT and Customs hit. Allow 30% extra on your anticipated costs.


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Fedex have been consistently good for me. US Postal world expedited (or whatever it's called these days) is great until it hits Parcelforce in the UK, after which it isn't.

I've found UPS rather mixed, as they managed to deliver a rather expensive kit to a house three streets away without getting a signature (fortunately they happened to pick one where we knew the owners, who dropped it round later). The rest of the time they've been fine, if expensive.

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The biggest problem I can see with importing a wooden tripod from the US is the shipping cost. It could easily be between £100.00 and £200.00. Small items can be cheap but once you get into something weighing more than a couple of kg, or over a certain size the prices can be shocking.

One thing to be aware of is that the rates for shipping from the US to the UK can be totally different to shipping the same item from the UK to the US. So if you try to estimate the cost by seeing what a local firm would charge to ship to the US you could be miles out.


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I have used FedEx several times and find they are consistantly good.

Think that UPS simply hand it over to Royal Mail and they have seem to charge for charging you to import it.;):eek: Seems to be adding insult to injury.

DHL have been mediocre, so I would opt for FedEx from experience.

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Whenever possible I use USPS(united states parcel service).

7 times out of 10 stuff gets through customs without being stopped/charged. Never ever had a problem with them.

With UPS you are guarranteed 100%, to get custom fees.


ps: When buying from North America, always factor in that your item WILL be stopped and charged. That way, if it gets through uncharged, then it makes the purchase even better !!

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