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Astrozap solar filter safety measures

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After a month of order delays from an unnamed vendor (not FLO, of course), I finally got some equipment for my Omni 120 refractor :mad:. Among them, I received an Astrozap Baader solar filter. On the safety instructions, it states that "Prior to each and every solar observation session, check the filter's fit. Cover any pinholes with black felt-tip marker."

What exactly does that instructions mean? ;) What exactly a pinhole in the filter is and how I detect it?



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Hold the filter up to the sun, you should be able to see the sun through it at reasonable intensity. If there are any tiny very bright spots they are pinholes (flaws in the aluminized coating of the filter). Large holes, splits or tears are terminal, you will have to replace the filter material. Keep your fingers off the film, it doesn't tear easily but it can't be cleaned.

The filter mount should be secured to the scope tube by tightening the three thumb screws. Finger tight is enough, but there is a real risk of the whole filter falling or blowing off if they're left very slack, that would of course be catastrophic if you were looking through the scope at the time.

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