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New scope thanks to Fellow SGL Member


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Well, i managed to bag myself a great deal thanks to an SGL member, got myself a WO ZS80II with case, 7 EP's and a Tal barlow, CNC mount rings. Pictures attached, was suprised at how big the scope is for an 80mm!!! Very pleased, and Mark (Plantins) was a very nice guy, so thanks Mark, now all i have to do is set about finding a nice mount.

So on the lookout for EQ5 Pro GOTO so if anyone has one for sale, spare, or knows of anyone/anywhere PLEASE let me know ASAP!

Also, would upgrading to a 2" Diagonal benefit? or would sticking with a Dielectric 1.25" be just as good? Thanks in advance





PS > Had the Mrs to model if for me! lol ;)

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Very nice. I do like the William Optics 'scopes.

As for the 2" diagonal, I'd stick with what you've got for now. I have a similar setup to what you've got and the reason I purchased a 2" diagonal was because I had some of the larger Baader Hyperions, which weigh a bit and need something a bit more sturdy to mount them in. I'm sure a 1.25" mount would have coped fine, but it was more reassuring in a 2". You look to have a relatively light collection of eyepieces, so I'd save your money for a decent mount.

Also I find that with a small scope (480mm focal length) I don't have a great need for eyepieces of 30mm plus, as their magnification is so low, which is where the 2" eyepieces excel.


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