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1st RGB Jupiter


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;) It all looked quite promising last night but scattered clouds and gusty winds plagued me by the time a decent view of the planet was available !

However, here is my offering, my 1st RGB image of the king of planets, it's okay I suppose but just wish the conds. had stayed as good as they were at 11pm last night thru-out .

Hope you like it.


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cheers peeps ;) Slowly getting there :mad:

Steve I used 60secs per channel plus 60secs of IR742 pass added into the mix, conds were poor though compared to looking back at the last attempt. Took a while before I realised I was shooting thru thin cloud-what can you do ?????

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Look fwd to seeing the results !

Cheers everyone !

I have tried to go back and squeeeeeeze a bit more out of the data and also tried WinJupos to combine the RGB data , as opposed to doing it manually in PS CS3. Quite impressed but left too much of a blue hue in the highlights that I just couldn't seem to get rid of ??

Bottom line is , as has been said by far better imagers than myself, seeing, seeing, seeing, without it you just can't pop a rabbit out of the hat !

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