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Hi all,

Recently I decided to consolidate my selection of small telescpes into one general purpose, do it all, boot of the car / white light solar / quick look / grab'n'go scope. I decided to sell my Celestron C80ED (sold) and 127mm Mak (still available) and replace them both with a good quality apo refractor, portable but with a reasonable aperture, ideally lightweight too and with no compromise in the optics and hardware.

In recent posts I considered the Megrez 102 f7 copycat, the Ikharus 102, and was also pointed in the direction of the excellent sounding Revelation 100 (a version of which recently scored 93% in an Astronomy Now review).

In my search I rattled off an exploratory email to Teleskop-Service in Germany, who I've dealt with many times before, always fruitfully. Patrick there recommended the TS TLAPO906T: Triplet APO 90/600mm - premium quality - CF Tube - 2" Crayford - Teleskop-Express: Astro-Shop + Fotografie + Naturbeobachtung

I liked the look of it, asked a few questions, got satisfactory answers, entered into some minor haggling, got a good price and placed the order! On further investigation it seemed an upgrade to the Baader Steeltrack focuser could be had for a further 120 Euros, and being a bit pernickety with focusers, I went for that too.

Now I've just received an email from TS saying that the scope is on its way and estimated arrival date is Tues 31st! A nice way to end the month and a great way to start the observing season!

I've never had a triplet before, only ED doublets, so this will be an ineresting experience. The build quality looks good and Patrick described it as one of their "top of the line telescopes". It'll be good to see how the Baader compares to my Moonlites too...

Did I mention I'm excited?

Anyway, when it arrives I'll let you all in on the good, bad and (hopefully none) ugly of the scope...

(Thanks to Johninderby for advice along the way too!)

Ant ;)

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That sounds great - congratulations ;)

I'm looking forward to reading your 1st light report !.

I've eyed up their 130mm triplet more than once - for around £2K that might be a real bargain if it's a good scope so your views on the 90mm will be read with great interest :mad:

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Good news ;)

These new FPL-53 Triplets in the 80mm to 100mm range are really going to shake up the mid-priced refractor market this winter. Think along the lines of how the SkyWatcher/Orion FPL-53 Doublets changed the market when they came out.

Severe Weather Warning !

Tuesday 31st August - Thunderstorms, gale force winds, hail, and occasional tornadoes.


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Well done Ant looks a lovely scope

will look forward to your findings




Meade LX90 8" ACF

Binoculars 8x16x40

10x50, 10x60



Nagler 12mm 17mm

Meade 18mm uwa

Moonfish 30mm

ect ect

power tank

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You forgot the sleat and hailstones, John! We had frost forecast in Scotland last night - not sure if it came to that anywhere though...

You will all find out when it's arrived as my posting will suddenly increase dramatically!

<sigh, it's only Friday....>

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