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Hello from Swad !


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Hi, living in Swadlincote ( deepest South Derbyshire ). Got interested in February.Read all the reviews etc. Started with a Heritage 130p.

Spent ages on my back in the dark with a red light and a star chart, then it all moved!! Mars was a puzzle, I kept wondering why Procyon had moved! Then came along Saturn ( what the devil is star doing there?)

Now have a 200p Skyliner and a 150pl eq mount. Today have my 10" Lightbridge. I love the Dobs.No, I'm not rich. I don't smoke or drink or go anywhere.

I love the deep sky objects and last time it was clear stayed up the night long and watched Jupiter rising in the East. We've got 7 streetlights here and a guy next door with a secrity light that you can see from the Moon.

However after midnight and tucked near the house, we face east, M103,M52, M110,31 and 32, M29, M27, M57, M56 this was on the 18th. It hasn't stopped raining very much since.

Best wishes to all, Nick.

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Hi Nick and welcome to the forum.

I'm glad someone has managed to get out there and have enough clear sky to get in some observing. Looks like you've made a great start judging by your list and I expect you're probably getting excited about the arrival of the winter's skies which will of course delivery us the much viewed constellation of Orion.

Lets hope we get some clear skies over the bank holiday - though I won't be holding my breath!


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Hi Nick and welcome. Your not too far from me, the other side of BOT from you, so share the same clouds;-)

Take a look in the community section of the forum there's a bunch of us in and around the east midlands who meet up every so often, not too far from yourself actually near castle donington. You'd be welcome if you wanted to pop by.


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