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Another night of doom , getting used to this now , just going to bed 10.45 looked out , and oh no its clear ,lol , so said to the wife , you go to bed i be there in a little while , well 4 hrs later ehehehh , struggling away , not having any luck , the stars were not looking right , they looked like small comets with little tails ehehehh , getting well fed up , puzzled, Ah i thought wonder if its the darm reducer again , its a sloppy fit really in the scope , have to be spot on when tightening the thumb screws, so re centered it and gently tightened the screws , ran a few test and it was perfect

nearly 4 hrs wasted , so in desperation i went for the Crab nebula , i knew it would be small , but would make anice wide field , so here it is , amazing detail i thought for such a small image , well pleased , cant wait to get the 10 inch job on it , due to clouds now i only managed 17 subs of 45 secs .using the same set up EQ6 ED80 Atik 16HR, HA Filter,Processed in Maxim and Photoshop .



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