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Tried to get out last night

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well, tonight was supposed to be clear for me - 3 different weather sites said so. They obviously didn't look out the bleedin' window did they!!!

It was usual story - light cloud during the afternoon and early evening; set everything up ready; got the War God centered and ready to go while I fiddled with the laptop - looked up to see a nice thick layer of cloud rolling in! And there it stayed :)

Think I'll poke my head out at 4:30, but I'm not hopeful :)

Metcheck is showing cloud for the next 5 days at least.... :)

All in all - pants!!

Any luck elsewhere?

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Yes Daz, I've spend the last couple of days looking at telegraph poles in daylight with it. :)

It's been kind of worthwhile though, I learnt that my binoviewers will only reach focus using a 1.25" daigonal but my EPs need the 2" diagonal with the adaptor and extension tube to reach focus. It'll save me messing around in the dark find out stuff like that (if the clouds ever clear!)


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I went with the Intes 67 in the end, I got a good price on it and it does look the part where build quality is concerned. It came with a 2" Crayford focusser, Rigel finder and 2" Diagonal, the thing looks built to last with bolts and screws all over it!

I'd also heard on CL that the Skymax Maks were Gregorian Maks but the Intes was a Rumak, which to cut a long story short, is a "good thing" for astronomical use.

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