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How do you print a starmap from Stellarium

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I use Stellarium and it's great - however, sometimes I just want to focus on an area of the sky and go into the details - here I would really like to be able to print out the Stellarium image and have it by my scope to refer to rather than always having to boot up and use my laptop outside. However - so far I have not found any way to print the actual image that you see in Stellarium - has anybody managed to do this?

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Whilst Stellarium is exellent on the screen as a "real view" of the sky. I use "Cartes du Ceil" (free download) for printing maps - much simpler to do and black on white is easy. (And you can add Telrad circles and specify exactly the FOV you want for the map etc.)

Beware of inverting the colours on Stellarium as, unless you specify greyscale, it will still be a colour print!

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