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Registax producing onion rings on Jupiter?

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I've been processing some Jupiter avis on my netbook and getting nice results until I tried doing the same on my PC. For some reason all the images processed with wavelets in Registax produce onion rings. Totally confused as all the netbook images are fine. Tried version 5 and 5,1 on PC but same rings appear? Below is an example


All Registax settings are the same on PC and Netbook.

Any ideas?

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Still don't know why PC is producing the rings but they can be removed with the de-ringing option on registax. I had used this setting before on other images and it did not make much difference but it's obviously very affective for onion rings.

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Onion rings - gain during capture too low - try to get the max at least half way up the histogram, 3/4 is better.

You will indeed get single ring artifacts if you push wavelet processing too hard (or unsharp mask for that matter).

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Just stumbled across this thread as I too get onion-rings.

I've always set gain to 0, and then adjusted exposure to get the right level as I thought that the "gain" slider for the webcam was equivalent to upping the ISO on a DSLR - higher = more noise. I guess this is incorrect?

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