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Hi all my previous 10 nights of imaging have not gone well. The first six I could not get the Lodestar to guide through the QSI, the problem was a 5m usb lead. In the last four sessions EQMOD would not do a star align so last night I changed the game controller for a wireless mouse and it worked, looks like the game controller didn’t like windows 7. With everything working I went to the bubble and took 36 x 300 second subs in Ha. Then I went to ngc 891 and did an LRBG 9-3-3-3 x 300 seconds ( just for a bit of practice). Both images taken with my home made 200mm 5.4 newt and are not cropped, with everything working this was the best nights imaging I have had in a long time and I never lost a single sub,,,,Paul.



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Thanks for all the great comments and yes Kevin it is nice to get images from a mirror I made myself and it was great to get a nights imaging where everything went right. Here Is a closer look at 50% with a bit more contrast,,,,Paul.


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