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Ganymede, August 24th


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Amazing, Bows low, im speechless with that, i know your capable of great things but damm pete. hey your back then. Dont even want to ask the focal length, but please tell Has to be in the 20 meters or higher mark doesnt it ?

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Thanks for all the comments, I'm glad you like the shot! Apologies for the delayed response, I'm suffering from a long term cold that's really laid me low this week after a couple of late night cool, damp sessions :mad:

The kit used was a C-14 (350mm) SCT using a 2x Barlow and a Lumenera SKYnyx 2-0M planetary camera. The shot was taken centred on Ganymede and subsequent Registax processing used Ganymede as the reference point.

Exposure settings with the camera were largely guess work. This is the complicated bit about getting the shot because it's hard to tell whether you're over-exposing or have the moon just under the threshold of saturation. In the end it comes down to guesswork based on a bit of experience.

The final shot was resampled to produce the size you can see here. From memory this was 150% but I'll check with the original once I've finished processing all of the shots from this session (yes I'm still going!!).

The 2x Barlow boosts my f/11 scope to around f/35 due to the filter wheel between camera and Barlow. This gives me an effective focal length of 12.25m which is quite modest really. Next time I get a good night I'll try again using my 5x Powermate which gives me f/67 and a focal length of 23.45m. This focal length is over the desired opimal configuration for my scope but it works a treat on Mars ;)

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