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Dslr mounting....or, how do you fix yours?

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I'd like to try and get some nice widefield shots when I head up to kielder in what now seems like just a few weeks! (woo hoo can't wait!)

I was thinking of somehow mounting my ball head to a dovetail but am not sure. Maybe I should piggy back the 132?

So anyway, I thought I'd throw it open to suggestions...

Cheers and as ever in debt for the forthcoming wisdom.



Isn't it typical that there is some decent clear patches and a cooler air on a night when the moon is soooooooo bright!

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i mounted my 450d on an eq3-2 driven mount at salisbury recently with some pleasing results (see photo-album) I used a camera mount screwed into the top tube ring(minus ota) and just hand tightened the camera. I then opened up the camera to 18mm wide open at f3.5.... for widefield images of the milky way i used 10 minute exposures at iso100 - i also used the tube rings to mount a small electric fan heater pointing towards the lens to stop dew forming.... worked a treat

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I just screw my camera right onto the dovetail bar, i use a few washers to take up any slack as the screw hole in the camera in not that big/deep. I also drilled the treads out of one of the holes in the mounting bar, as the two (bar and camera) would never screw together right because the treads would not align.

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