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Dark from SXVR H16 needed

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I'm looking for some dark frames, I want to compare the darks between the Atik 4000 and the Newer Starlight Express SXVR H16, anyone out there that can send some fits files and what temp they were taken at. And what they think of those two cameras. Thanks

I've now managed to get a fits from the Atik 4000 but still looking for the SXVR H16 Darks.


Pete G

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Hi Harry

I'm trying to decide on what camera to get, I do like the H16 and the Atik 4000, I'm after veiws on both cameras, I've posted this on a few of the other forums to see what response I get, so as you use the H16, what are your views, have you any images posted? both cameras seem to be simular, I do like the heated window on the Atik but I'm still leaning to the H16 for some reason, still after idea's and options, are there other cameras in that price range, like the Sbig, but can't see anything from that price with the same size chip and around the 4 MP. Still learning here.

And hi Jerry

Yes I was thinking of asking starlight Express, but whether they would I don't know, maybe darks are not that important anyway from what people are saying about dithering. I've too not seen any images either from the new SXVR H16,

Thanks for ya time.

Pete G

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I can only talk about the H16 :)

I have had it a couple of years now m and are very happy with it , as noted before I do no use dark s, but it is more noisey than a sony chip ( like my sxvf m25 ). but nothing a bit of dithering cant sort out

There are some pics on my web site www.harrysastroshed.com

Also Peter shah is a big user of the H16 ,, try his web site for some pretty pics :o


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