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Recommendations for 2" diagonal and 2" EP to match 102mm refractor?

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Does anyone have any suggestions from experience for a 2" diagonal and 2" eyepiece that match well to a 102mm Skywatcher/Celestron F5 Achromat Refractor (basically a Stratravel 102)?

Looking for good widefield views but preferably medium magnifaction. (I already have a 32mm SWA 2"). Main target is clusters/brighter DSOs.

Budget c £50 for diagonal and £80 for EP.



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What focal ratio / focal length is the refractor ? - that will affect the reccomendations.

Doh !

I missed the fact that you stated it was F/5 !.

Having realised that I'd tend to agree with ronin - you might as well look for a decent wide field 1.25" eyepiece - something like a Skywatcher Extraflat or even a Baader Hyperion (just over budget new).

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2 inch eyepieces seem to be rare in sizes below 20mm, 25mm is more common. So on your scope, focal length of 500mm you will get 20x or 25x. Also 2 inch eyepieces are big, some can be a kilo in weight.

Personally I would simply have gone for a decent wide angle 1.25 inch eyepiece - bigger choice and a lot less cost.

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