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telescopes kept outside

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Is it ok for telescopes to be kept outside all the time, i have a Skywatcher Skyliner 150P Dobsonian and it is kinda big so i am assuming it is ok to be kept out but was abit worried about the cold/damp getting to it or either rusting it or messing with the mirrors

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I think that in the UK climate you would be better to take it in to somewhere non-humid. With the damp atmosphere and the dodgy corrosive chemicals in the air the mirror would lose its coatings faster than it otherwise would. Where I live the climate is mainly dry and leaving scopes in very ventilated roll offs has had no adverse effect at all.


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Agree with the above,

in my bit of damp Cornwall, I keep the scope "indoors" by default.

Best solution for me was a small wooden shed ( £100 B&Q ) as wood breathes and absorbs moisture keeping the inside relatively dry. Also does not get too hot if (!!) we have sunny days and stays temperate inside.

Have even observed through the open door from inside to avoid the wind on occasions.

Just put one up where you observe and you won't regret it.

To leave the scope outside to cool etc I use a cover mede for the umbrells style patio heaters, nice and waterproof, strong and only £15 again B&Q.

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