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Asteroid Caught on Camera?


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Whilst imaging M31 the other it seems i have caught something that resembles or could be an Asteroid flying past near by the Core of M31..

Exposures used in the Movie were 30 secs and 15 secs, not knowing at the time this was going on there are breaks inbetween the frames up too a Min so whatever it is Asteroid or Not it took it's time to go by..

Editted in Image Plus from the Gif File, Cropped frames in Photoshop.

Click the Link Below to see the Gif file....


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Bummer. None of the MPC candidates come close to your path. Maybe you discovered one? Can you find it again? If so, you may want to check with someone locally that knows asteroids and colaborate on a submittal..

It's down to clear skies now, i will find it again (A mission too). Going to contact some Proffesors at Manchester Uni and have them colaobrate with me if info collates a Submittal will be on the cards.

Could it possibly have been a satellite in a high orbit, and not bright enough to get on the list of usual suspects?

Nope speeds even at extreme high orbits for Satellites wouldn't produce this WH as far as iam aware... Checked out everything i can Online and in Softwares/Charts nothing comes close to saying ah yes thats what it was, maybe someone else will turn up with an answer but iam pretty certain on this(So far)..

Thanks for the Help and Comments thus Far chaps :)

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James is right, WH. Too slow for a satellite, but it was pretty fast for an asteroid. Must be close.

We observed a geosynchronous satellite flare on Saturday night. It hit 2nd mag and was stationary against the sky, but it was waaay south of the ecliptic from our position. That's why I asked for his lat/long, to rule that out.

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Contrary to popular belief, it's comets that take the name of the discoverer, not asteroids. Asteroids are tracked for a time and asigned a number. After professional confirmation, they may, repeat, may be given a name selected by the discoverer, but it's rare. They normally are tracked for years before a number is asigned. Don't mean to rain on the parade, but, there it is.

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Finding one would be awesome enough for me although naming one would be fantastic also... I suspect it would take a lot of time for something to be (Confirmed) still i can day dream until that day and try my best to observe/image it again :).

Thanks AM,Martin

James :)

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