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Jupiter, doin' it all tha wrong way... ;-)


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OK, first off, I realise my kit isn't exactly planetary-oriented, to say the least :) ... 770mm f/l, 4.5" objective, but I thought I'd try and get something "on film" anyway. Also, seeing was 'orrible, I was pointing the scope out of the bedroom window, loads of badly-insulated houses between me & target, and I was pushing the magnification waaaaay beyond what is reasonable for the optics & conditions.

So, that's the scenario, but what I'd like to know if possible, is whether I could tidy-up the results a bit more, at least until I get out to a proper location, and hopefully with the Mak instead. Basically, any handy tips to eek-out as much detail as possible from the meagre source material.

These were all recorded in EOS Movie Record, approx 1000 frames, with about 20% of each discarded by process.

110mm Apo / 770mm f/l, Baader Clickstop Zoom @ 8mm, Canon 500D, EOS Movie Record :


110mm Apo / 770mm f/l, Baader Clickstop Zoom @ 8mm, Canon 500D, EOS Movie Record (with 5x digi-zoom active) :


110mm Apo / 770mm f/l, Baader Clickstop Zoom @ 8mm, Canon 500D, EOS Movie Record (with 5x digi-zoom active), colours slightly stretched and re-curved:


I really do need to use a proppa planetary-scope, don't I? ...and get out to a better location. :D

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Not too bad, but inevitably a bit "swimmy" as the mag increased. I initially tried the 28mm UWAN I recently got from Rossco, but Jupiter was too small to be of any use. I then tried it on the Moon, and it was one step down from looking at the Sun :D. That EP is going to be awesome for clusters & nebulae. I tried a 12mm Explorer, then a 6mm WO SPL, where the limitations of seeing started to show. Looking through the Baader zoom was good, and even up (down?)to 8mm was satisfactory, so yeah, good viewing location is required!

I know I wasn't being even remotely practical with magnification & software zoom, but I wanted to experiment... there is precious little else to see right now with the full Moon hanging around 'til the early hours.

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