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Hi I have just come by a pair of DIY binoculars and mount that were initially built by someone from the East Midlands and I am in the process of refurbishing them. The objectives are 100mm and f15 which makes the binoculars just over 40" in length. They can accept 1-1/4 or 2" eyepieces.

I would be particularly interested to hear from anyone who can help fill me in the history of these one offs. Alternatively has any one any experience of what I can expect to see with these once I get them back together and aligned properly?



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Anything from a blurry mess to beautiful crisp images of the planets I imagine. It's anyone's guess and depends on a lots of variables such as how well figured the objectives are, what sort of lens configuration it is (simple/achromat), what coatings, if any, they have and how well aligned it all is.

Do you hve a maker's name?

Good luck with the build and keep us posted on how it turns out.

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100mm f/15 binoculars sounds interesting.

Suspect they would be a bit heavy with 2" eyepieces. Can two 2" eyepieces actually get close enough for a person to look through?

If reasonable you should get some good views, especially clusters, simply put you have a 4" lens at the front collecting light.

Collimating them could be the most difficult aspect, and keeping them collimated equally a problem.

If it all fails turn them into two 4" scopes for informal use.

Any pictures of them?

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