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How quickly you forget!!


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After a nice visit from a fellow member today and a little tour of my obsy, I kind of reminded myself that I haven't actually posted an image for ages. I have been taking them, but with my laptop being broken it has been difficult to process them.

Well today I fixed my laptop and can use it again for processing. I was surprised how much I had forgotten about PS techniques and also Pixinsight methods. Need to spend some time at Kelling re-learning I think :)

Anyway, here is a quick process of some of the data I have been gathering, 1hr40min in O3 and 2hr 40 min in HA, using a SXV H9 camera on an MN190. 20 min subs. The fits were stacked in DSS, quick stretch in PS, and then combined in Registar, and the result tweaked a little in Pixinsight. Mix was HA for Red, O3 for Green, and then a mix of Ha and O3 for Blue, something which is very easy to do in registar.

In case you don't recognise it, it is the central section of NGC6960, the witches broom part of the Veil nebula.

Feels good to be back in the saddle :D




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Very nice mate :D The fine filamentary detail is lovely.

The 20 minute subs clearly showing their value.

Are you going to do either side for a mosaic?

Doesn't look like you've forgotten much :)


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Thanks for all the comments. Especially from the newcomers to the hobby.

FYI, I bought my first telescope in Nov 2007, and live in the middle of the light polluted midlands. The kit used is all fairly modest. Reasonable results are definitely within everyone's reach :D

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